We takes great pride in the quality of its internal and external client representatives. We are available at a moment’s notice to furnish collection reports, on-line client financial analysis, or other information concerning your accounts. We will assign a person to be your direct contact for every facet of our operation and is available to answer questions that may arrive.

Standards have been established to ensure that client concerns are addressed the same day they are received, whenever possible. Each client is uniquely profiled within the system to determine how their accounts are to be handled and which reports they are to receive.

Client meetings are scheduled at regular intervals. These meeting cover a wide variety of topics including: liquidation percentage, special reports, client training, problem accounts, changes in operational procedures, changes in listing procedures, and feedback to the client for improving front-end procedures.


Our collection system allows us the flexibility to customize our collection services based on individual client specifications. In general, within twenty-four hours of receipt of accounts, the first notice is generated by our software system and sent to the consumer informing them that their outstanding debt has been placed with us for collection. All debtor mailings are sent first-class, address correction requested. Collection notices, as with all debtor communications, are in full compliance with the law.


 The same day the accounts are listed in our office, an Acknowledgement Report of all new accounts placed for collection will be made available to the client. After placement, the computer system automatically “ties” your account with other active accounts of the consumer. This is advantageous if we have already located a new address of the consumer. No time is lost in skip tracing your new accounts. Within 48 hours of account placement an initial phone contact is attempted to notify the individual of the account status.


In the initial contact with a consumer, the collector will attempt to collect the balance in full. If the entire balance cannot be attained, the collector will work with the accounts department to make the best arrangements to liquidate the account as soon as possible. If the initial contact is unsuccessful, collectors are expected to make telephone contacts every two weeks on each account handled.

Payments are posted to the debtor’s account on a daily basis. This allows the collector to know if a promise has been broken by the end of the day. If the payment has not been received in the office or a smaller payment has been made, a broken promise letter is automatically generated. This same day, the collector will attempt to call the consumer regarding the payment. When the consumer has broken promises, the collector will prepare the account for legal action, provided the consumer is employed or assets can be verified.

Any over-payments by a debtor will be refunded after careful research and verification. Payments received directly at the client’s office are transmitted to us on a regular basis. These may be reported by  mail, email, or picked by the our service representative. Remittance reports and checks will be mailed or delivered to the client on a monthly basis.


Our cancellations are limited to bankruptcies, write-off balances due to contractual agreements, and write-offs due to settlements with attorneys. However, no account is settled unless authorization is obtained from the client. we does not subcontract any work. The client may, per their discretion, request that an account placed in error with us be canceled and returned at any time. We will return said accounts by whatever means requested by the client.


 Following the thorough investigation of an account, from verifying employment to conducting a complete on-line asset search, the collector either determines an account uncollectible or recommends legal action. If an account is believed to be collectible through legal means, a Legal Authorization form is sent to the client requesting written approval to forward the account to our attorney.

Collectors recommending accounts for placement with our attorney are not limited to any time frame in doing so. In cases where there are large aggregate balances and we have identified attachable assets which would satisfy the account; we will send a final notice prior to suit, giving the debtor ten days in which to respond. If there is no response, a transmittal form of all pertinent information is forwarded to our collection attorneys. SKIP TRACING AND CREDIT REPORTING One of the most important aspects of an effective collection process is the ability to locate a customer and initiate contact.

PDRS has a staff with many years’ experience in skip tracing and determination of judgment eligibility. These representatives will use all available means of obtaining location information, including but not limited to neighbors, landlords, and employers. In addition, we will use credit file information to obtain location information. With these tools at our disposal, PDRS is well positioned to skip trace thoroughly and successfully.


Active Debtor/Case Report: This report prints the total number of open accounts by owner or by worker. Collector Processing Progress Report: This report calculates the total number of accounts that need to be worked that have been worked, or that have been retired.

These totals are broken down into the different processing types (broken promises, dated follow-up, new business, work phone numbers, home phone numbers, skip accounts, no phone numbers, and non-collector accounts). Detailed Collector Audit: The detailed collector audit report is a tool to provide management with a collector inventory. This report is requested by selecting a number of qualified criteria. Payments by Collector for a Period: This report will print a list of payments for a user for a defined period of time, based on the collector who received credit for the payments. Daily Collector Activity Summary Report: This report allows the user to review activity of the owning collector. The following activity is reported: payments, commissions, promises, new accounts, attempts, contacts, postdated checks, and returned checks. If a collector has no activity, they will not be shown on this report. User Productivity- Time Management Analysis: This report gives the total number of accounts worked, broken out by user and time of day. Productivity Summary by User: This report gives total number of accounts worked, broken down by user. Client References Will be provided upon request and would be industry specific.