Purple Debt Recovery Services (PDRS) offers a comprehensive selection of services for clients throughout the country. All of PDRS’s services are customized to meet the client’s goals and needs. No two clients are established with the same program or system requirements. This is accomplished with the attention that is provided to each client during the accounts enrollment phase. Understanding the clients business and requirements enables us to effectively work as an extension of our client’s office. We provides complete BPO (business process outsources) from billing to litigation. As a billing, first party, third party and law office our ability to provide customized programs is an industry leader.

We customize our programs to meet your needs. our standard operating procedure incorporates a unique policy that is “inception to completion”. This program allows our clients to establish a relationship with one of our management members. This person has the responsibility to handle all of the account activity, from initial set-up to recovery and the distribution of reports and information. Our clients will always have the same person to speak with.

Collection and Outsourcing Services

PDRS’s success is based on a track record of experience in delivering results by partnering with clients to provide customized services to meet unique requirements. Our Collection and Outsourcing Services programs include:

  • Contingency Collections / Fee Based Collections
  • Extended Business Office Services
  • Pre-Collection Programs
  • Payment Monitoring Programs / Special Projects
  • Receivable Management Consulting
  • Customized Training Programs / Consulting Services
  • Skip Tracing / Location Service
  • Early Stage, First Party Collections
  • Legal Recovery
  • Judgment Recovery
  • Corporate Collections
  • Business to Business Collections
  • Consumer Collections
  • Medical Collections
  • Loan Collections
  • Asset Recovery

PDRS has carefully developed services that meet client specific requirements. These programs are flexible in design and are unique for each customer. Our capabilities include every follow-up function conducted by credit report department.